The History of our Monastic Ministry.

Founded in 2011, the Monastery of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is blessed to be an oasis of thanksgiving, prayer and peace in today's world — a desert of chaos and strife.

Monasticism has always played a decisively important role in the life of the Church and will continue to do so today. In the ancient Europe of the fifth and sixth centuries, following the collapse of the old Roman order, it was the Benedictine monks who acted as a force of stability and strength throughout the chaos. In the near East, ravaged by religious upheaval and wave after wave of intense persecution, it was the monasteries that preserved the Catholic Christian way of life, as was particularly the case with the Maronites in the mountains of Lebanon.

So too, today, here in America, where an increasingly powerful anti-culture of death has taken root, it seems very fitting that God would ask monasteries for His church to set down roots and thus foster new, however small and delicate flowers of love.

Hopefully, with God’s mercy and the prayers of our Lady and the Saints, and with your generous help, the Maronite Monks of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph might grow strong, so that by its presence the people of this place may be brought into the life giving fount of the Church, and so transformed into a beautiful garden for the glory of God and the salvation of their souls.

How you can participate in this monastic ministry:

As faithful, we are all called to live watchful lives of devotion and prayer. Your remembering us in your devotions and prayerful recollections is a cherished gift to us. As we rely wholly on God's provision to us through His Church and people, your physical and monetary contribution to our lives is also greatly appreciated. Here's how you can help.


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